Proposal for three new Wodehouse ‘Pick-Me-Ups’

The main reason I turn to Wodehouse when in need of a quick snifter, is for the pure joy and escapism of his writing.  Mr Mulliner’s Short Story tonics provide the perfect remedy for today’s busy reader.

As Stephen Fry wrote ‘We are all of us in need of this remarkable healing spirit, this balm for hurt minds’, and it is with this in mind, that I propose the following be compiled as individual Random House Pick-Me-Ups:

Meet Mr. Mulliner – ‘A Slice of Life’

Our favourite pub raconteur interrupts the assembled guests of The Angler’s Rest to tell us about his brother Wilfred, a chemist who makes cosmetic potions with dire results. Rich helpings of comedy, misadventure, eccentric characters and Angela Purdue’s millions provide the perfect cocktail for a story about love and business.

Meet Mr. Mulliner – ‘Honeysuckle Cottage’

A ghost’s (not goat’s) tale about a haunted house that Mr.Mulliner insists on sharing with Mrs.P and his indifferent audience. James Rodman inherits his Aunt’s country retreat, including the study where she wrote ‘squashily sentimental’ fiction. This story has it all – comedy, romance and a spooky series of unfortunate incidents.

Meet Mr. Mulliner – ‘The Bishop’s Move’

With a hot whisky after evensong, Mr. M narrates a story about the Bishop of Stortford’s return to Harchester School to unveil a statue of old ‘Fatty’. Emboldened with a few drops of Buck-u-Uppo with his old pal, they soon revert back to schoolboy pranks – Plum at his best!

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