(Submitted to ‘Letters’ at The Spectator Magazine — Feb 2018)

‘Brexit evades the mire’

Sir: With the recent promotion to secretary general of the European Commission, Martin Selmayr, the boy from Bonn and Jean-Claude Junker’s chief of staff, one might be tempted to consider this secret appointment as harmful to the overall progress of Brexit. But look closer and it serves only to confirm a need to change the status quo.

As a European federalist based in the upper-floor suites of Berlaymont, the Commission’s headquarters, he represents the worst fears of those that believe in democracy, transparency and accountability. Educated at Kings College London and blasting Britain’s decision to leave as ‘stupid’ and ‘able to be reversed’, he is yet another example of how out of touch this monstrous narcisisstic organisation has become. Far from descending Brexit further into the mire, it might instead strengthen the resolve of those members that believe in keeping some national identity, evading the reach of europe’s real captain.


(Submitted to ‘Letters’ at The Spectator Magazine on 19th Feb 2018)

‘UKIP should not Leave’

Sir: If only UKIP would look up and see for themselves that their voice has never been more relevant to the national debate on Brexit. Despite constant leadership musical chairs (six in eighteen months), no-one should welcome them leaving the arena. The two main parties continually fail to offer anything that looks like a united position. This presents an enormous opportunity to any party with one drum, one voice and a clear mandate.

The current economic and political landscape is far from certain and once Mrs May returns with a deal that can only contain a collection of compromises, it will present a very real opportunity for UKIP once again. She will have to convince both Houses and/or public and the pressure for another referendum could be unstoppable. With Mr. Bolton finally ousted, Mr Batten needs to get his act together quickly for the good of his party and the country and give voice to those Leavers who increasingly feel cheated.

UKIP’s time will come again and with Brexit by no means a done-deal, the sooner they get their ‘affairs’ in order, the better for everyone.


(Published in The Spectator Magazine on 15th Feb 2018)

Sir: I feel solidarity and compelled to write in support of Lindy Wiltshire (‘Stop Knocking May’ on 10th Feb). Our PM often appears a lone voice in a torrent of unfair and unnecessary criticism. Splits in the Cabinet seem inevitable and merely reflect the division in public and professional opinion. Healthy debate to reach a compromise of sorts and deliver a package that will also take the 48% Remainers with her will undoubtedly transpire. But take a moment to consider the alternative — if she had taken a solid position from the outset, she would be accused of not representing the majority, elitist, inflexible, out of touch and only interested in self-preservation. Labour are equally split on this complex matter and offer no credible solution. As Lindy points out, this is a unique state of affairs, so it is time for us all to rally round.




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